Your customers complain:

There’s nothing to watch on TV

Now you can help them

Personalized search & recommendations software for IPTV, OTT and VOD. Real-time.

The purpose of our recommendations software is to help the individual user to easily find the content that suits his or her specifics taste and needs.


Personalized recommendations

The content that is recommended is relevant to the individual user’s taste and is user-specific. This is achieved through advanced filtering and AI algorithms, which form the essential part of the recommendations engine.


Fits in every environment

Enabled by a well-defined API, integration is simple with any type of TV platform the operator has in place and any type of device the end-user uses to consume content.


Monetize your content

Monetize your content in two ways: (1) make informed content purchases based on a comprehensive insight into content consumption, and (2) raise income per subscriber by tailoring recommendation output to specific business needs.


Value of our Service

We are committed to delivering a high level of precision to each individual client by constantly enhancing and adjusting AI algorithms, data quality and solution functionalities to client-specific environments and needs.

Offered on premise as software or as a service

GuruCue Recommender is a Search & Recommendation software platform built for demanding IPTV and OTT environments that require real-time data collection, high availability, multi-location support, and smooth integration with the technology ecosystem. We collaborate with renowned academic experts on artificial intelligence in order to constantly enhance our technology with new research findings.

Our service includes implementation services, system maintenance and 24×7 technical support, data collecting, cleaning and maintenance, continuous fine tuning of AI algorithm parameters, setting and maintaining business rules, and methodically incorporating user feedback into our recommendations improvement cycle – all according to specific client needs.

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