Want to refine your customers’ user experience? Let them more quickly find those contents from your rich offer that best match their personal preferences? Keep them longer on your platform with a much more pleasant user experience? The GURU CUE recommender system enables this and so much more.

The GURU CUE Recommender System

GURU CUE is a unique web service intended for video libraries, VOD services, cinemas, Internet and TV content providers, Internet television and TV programme broadcasters, Internet video collections and for any other providers wishing to upgrade their services to satisfy the specific taste of every individual customer and end-user.

The GURU CUE service offers clear recommendations or hints to its users, helping them choose contents according to their own tastes and wishes. The hints are provided on the basis of various types of feedback, including user votes. The more votes received from users on the contents, the more the system will be able to learn about them and the more accurate the hints provided by GURU CUE will become.

The most recognisable element, the Handy, is a graphic representation of the vote a user gives to certain content. Five possible votes are possible: the Sucky, Haty, Oky, Liky and Rocky.

It is possible to use the GURU CUE recommender system on websites, TV screens, mobile devices, etc.

Should you be interested in upgrading your customers’ user experience, enabling them to select from the wealth of your offer those contents that best suits their interests, thereby keeping them longer on your portal, we can always help you find a solution tailored to your specific needs. As an additional quality assurance, you can also test our service free of charge.

Should you have any questions about the details of the GURU CUE recommender system, you are always welcome to forward them to us so we can respond to your needs or wishes as best we can.

Kind regards,
Edi Šuc*, co-founder and CEO

*I know, I have a funny surname. If you don’t know how to pronounce it, the German spelling might help you – Schutz.


We present you our Handys. They are not just icons you use to give feedback. They have a personality and a life of their own.


I’m Liky. I am the kind one who gives certain content a good mark. You should use me when you like the content. When you feel good watching or listening to a product and feel that a film, a piece of music or some other content have made a valuable impression.



My name is Haty. You should click on me when you dislike the contents or the product. You basically feel sorry that you have watched/consumed it. You almost hate it but not as much as with my neighbour Sucky. You at least managed to see the film through to the end or almost to the end for some strange reason. But you would not have missed out on anything if you had not come into contact with this content.


I’m Oky. I am the one to use when you cannot decide whether you like the content or not. When my friends Haty and Liky are unsuitable and you need something in between.



I’m Rocky. You should use me just as carefully as my colleague Sucky: only in extreme cases but when wanting to cast a completely different vote. If you feel overwhelmed when watching a film or listening to music, are thrilled at its end and cannot speak of anything else with your friends and relatives for days to come; then I am the one to choose.


I am a handy called Sucky. I display an extremely negative emotion. You can use me if the content is truly impossible to watch or listen to, if it is horrid and was impossible to watch or listen to through to the end because it was simply intolerable, or if you refused to give in and forced yourself to see it to the end but then bawled: “What a senseless waste of time!” Still, I am only to be used very rarely.

The Company

GURU CUE Ltd is a young company dealing with the development and ongoing running and upgrading of a recommender system. It was established by a team of experts with many years of experience in the fields of entrepreneurship, project management, IT, computer software development and artificial intelligence. The requisite artificial intelligence is developed by our partners from the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science of the University of Ljubljana. We are proud to have Prof. Dr. Ivan Bratko as head of the AI team since he is considered the father of artificial intelligence in Slovenia and is a world-renowned and respected expert.

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